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Inugami-san to Nekoyami-san Review




It was pretty entertaining though… if you don’t like or mind shoujo-ai or yuri it might not be for you.


. * Cries in a corner *

Michael Eh?

The humour was tongue in cheek… literally tongue on cheek. The show is short and so is the life span of many of it’s jokes. Good crowd breaker for the seriousness of the next show that we watched, Akuma no Riddle

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So what did you think of Inugami-san to Nekoyami-san?

Social MEdia - Lights, Camera, Inaction

The ever changing landscape of Social Media makes things difficult for those both serving up content and those consuming it. New platforms live and die every day. Anyone remember MySpace? So where will it lead to? Some say the Internet of things… where literally everything from your furnace to yourself connected in some way.

For people like myself, I wouldn’t mind a super client. An app that connects it all. TweetDeck came close to it until Twitter bought it out and castrated its features.

Could Google Glass do this, without the privacy concerns? Not likely with Google+ unusable in its current incarnation. Facebook seems to dedicated to change whither the users like it or not. Maybe it’s the same reason why they can’t figure out how to make money off of it.

As I try to figure out Instagram, Pinterest, and this, tumblr; I typing to see if I can store this idea to upload later. Or to find some plugin or app that will make life easier. So far, it’s only made it more complicated.

Such is life of one trying to figure it all out. Ah there is a save draft… you might read this yet folks.

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