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The Art of the Photo Bomb

(or How to put yourself in someone else’s picture)


The art of photo bombing is a fine art of split second of messing up a photo usually in an hilarious way.

Photo bomb can be an inimate object like this moose.  Photo bombs may be unintend but always humourous.

Photo bombs can instantaneous.As always be aware of your surroundings. A quick pose can get you stealing the scene as this guy did with a thumbs up.

Be the (Off)Center of Attention


Miffed that you are not the center of attention in a photo? Steal the shot with well placed DUCKFACE! A classic.

The Anatomy of a Photo Bomb

The art of the photo bomb is a tricky thing at best.  It depends on prefect timing and opportunity.  As always a wouldbe photo bomber should keep their eyes on the camera. You can’t see the camera then chances are you’re not in the shot.


Timing is everything in a photo bomb.Needless for our photo bomber, Deadpool, his luck ran out as the shot he hope to ruin was spoil by millasecond click on this photograher’s part. In this case, the photobomber got bombed by his own victum.

Being front and off center in a photo bomb.Not to be outdone, the art of photo bombing doesn’t necessary mean the photo bomber has to be regulated to the background. In this case, Deadpool has chosen a classic pose of being just enough in the foreground of the picture. However, if you are a victum of a persistant photo bomber, you should consider backup…. lots of backup.

How to Bomb a Photo like a Boss


Sometimes there is no one around to ruin your shot, all is good, right?

WRONG! Take this couple who is well practice in the art of bombing their own photo. Cherished farewell? Heart felt greetings? There isn’t an occassion that a off-kilter pose can’t correct … or is it distract? Destroy? Hmm. Consider these two on their own level of expert photo bombing. Trust me.

Final Thoughts…

Just remember photo bombing is in jest. If you remember one thing about doing the Photo Bomb….

…one good photo bomb deserves another.

What is YOUR favorite PHOTO BOMB?


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